November 29, 2019

The potential of IoT technology for enterprises

Internet of things for enterprises

The introduction of the Internet of things for enterprises, or, as it is also called the industrial Internet of things, according to the consulting company J`son & Partners Consulting, has several perspectives:

  1. The ability to fully control equipment through the use of sensors with access to the network. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to carry out routine maintenance in a timely manner, predict accidents and detect faults in a timely manner, prepare parts for replacement in advance, etc. That is, the Internet of Things provides thorough management of the entire product life cycle.
  2. Accurate fixing of the load of production capacities allows you to organize a system of automatic orders in the entire chain of suppliers providing raw materials, parts for equipment, consumables, etc. The same system of automatic ordering can be established with the end user.
  3. The ability to sell the results of using the equipment, not the equipment itself. For example, a company that previously sold compressors, after implementing the Internet of Things, can sell compressed air with certain guaranteed parameters. This also applies to any other equipment, be it machine tools, construction equipment, etc. It should be noted that the sale "on demand" is one of the key points of the cloud service;

Given all of the above, we can conclude that the Internet of Things provides not only an unprecedented quality of equipment maintenance, but also the emergence of a new model of its use, when it is not the property of the customer, and it is paid only for use. Note that many well-known companies, such as Kaeser, John Deere, etc., already work on this scheme.

In addition to the moments described above, the Internet of things provides resistance to adverse processes by quickly receiving information and instantly responding to it. In addition, most risks will be carried to the information plane.

Also, enterprises are provided with access to the best resources due to constant monitoring of the information network and instant response to changes in prices, quality and other factors regarding available resources. And this is only an insignificant part of the potential of the Internet of things technology for enterprises.