February 19, 2020

Three tips for those who want to use the Internet of things

Internet of Things technology is always accompanied by exaggerated expectations - people dream of flying unmanned aerial vehicles, trash cans that empty themselves and other things that will be realized at more than one moment. If two years ago, developers were more ambitious, sometimes offering the public even solutions that were stupid, but now the main focus is on the momentary use of smart devices.

Analysts suggest that the Internet of things market will be valued at eleven trillion by 2025, and sharks of big business are increasingly operating with the acronym IoT in presenting their new developments and are trying to offer practical application of Big Data. Companies are not particularly worried about any technical issues; they want to solve specific problems as quickly as possible. Using the Internet of things within a business is profitable, you only need to be competent in this matter, that is, not blindly follow the idea, but look for ways to implement it as soon as possible.

Who needs the internet of things?

Data transmission over the Internet from object to object is not innovative. For example, near-Earth satellites have been transmitting various informational reports to us over the course of six decades, and in industry, M2M technologies have been used since 2000.

Only for the introduction of the Internet of things in the commercial segment there are still some limitations, since such a technology requires some effort and cost to collect data and look for opportunities to store it. Over time, they will be completely eliminated, since the cost of collecting, storing and processing data decreases with each new day. Cloud technology is becoming cheaper, and smart solutions are becoming affordable.

It will be even easier to get useful devices for optimizing work in large companies and in production when the Uline.pro platform appears, which will make Internet of things safe and inexpensive. Everyone who has ever thought about the difficulties of creating smart devices, their vulnerability and the difficulties of pairing with other devices will now be able to use all the features of advanced technology for the benefit of society. Uline.pro will be launched soon and it will be a real breakthrough.

Indeed, now technology is becoming cheaper, inexpensive sensors are on sale, you can find affordable devices for middle-sized companies. All this will work to increase the profit of owners of outlets, airlines, logistics and others.

It will be possible to track deliveries, manage storage facilities and draw up optimal logistics solutions. For example, unmanned vehicles have already been created that can carry goods from point A to point B. Airplanes, ships and trains are equipped with smart electronics, smart homes appear, smart cities are created. Now it’s easier to be healthy, because the clinics are equipped with ultramodern equipment, and a little bit of a person receives special sensors that allow you to monitor the condition of your master, sending data to your attending physicians.

The Internet of things is needed everywhere, it will help to save many important resources, prevent various disasters, major accidents. This technology will take care of the environment, save endangered species of animals and plants. Human life will be greatly simplified and improved, but this requires time and some support from the developers of the Uline.pro platform.

The Internet of Things for Savings in the Industrial Sector

In large industrial enterprises, the effect of the introduction of the Internet of things will most likely be observed. Wherever there is a large number of sophisticated high-tech equipment, this technology is simply necessary. Oil and gas companies, pipeline and metallurgical industries with geographically distributed facilities are being modernized every year, things appear in their material base that can reduce the amount of manual labor, robotize dangerous specialties and simplify and speed up production processes.

The technology of the Internet of things allows you to quickly receive information about the state of objects that can be anywhere in our planet. Moreover, the reports will come in automatic mode, as a result of which the appearance of sudden breakdowns of expensive devices will be prevented.

If any trouble occurs at the production site that provokes equipment failure, this can lead to violations of the final product output, environmental disasters and other situations. If the production stops, you will have to find staff, pay for days of downtime, spend a lot of time to solve the problem. And if the breakdown were foreseen in advance, it would be much easier and a lot of money could be saved.

Such smart solutions are simply necessary for large industrialists and suppliers of various equipment, especially for civil purposes - elevators, escalators, ventilation systems and so on.

For example, there is an FMCG manufacturer that supplies its refrigeration chambers to all CIS countries, no longer needs the hundreds of specialists who used to monitor the state of products at retail outlets. Now, thanks to smart systems, all information about the delivered units comes to the central office, where you can find out in advance what will need to be repaired or replaced in the near future, long before the fact of failure is established.

The agricultural industry collects information about each of the sown fields using special sensors. Now you can analyze the temperature conditions, predict yield, the need for irrigation or tillage, find out what condition the agricultural machinery is in. Farms become smart, productivity increases, which means that the problem of hunger is being solved. Smaller plots of land give a good harvest, farming is optimized. On large areas, you can grow tens of times more fruits and vegetables.

Large industrial companies significantly save on logistics processes due to robotic solutions, optimization of warehouse centers and rationalization of resource consumption.

Internet of Things Technology and Cost Reduction

Any field of activity involves some difficulties for the implementation of the Internet of things technology. There are always doubts about the usefulness of applying smart solutions to their rationality. Managers are always worried whether there will be savings from the introduction of IoT technology in the future, how the work process will be organized, whether there will be cuts among employees and so on.

Before starting the implementation of such projects, a check is always carried out to see if such a decision will be justified. Entrepreneurs are confident that smart technologies can make a big difference in organizing business processes. But the implementation and implementation of smart projects will be useless if you do not formulate targeted business tasks.

Now you need to strive to find essential values for the business by analyzing certain smart solutions. There are a lot of devices, developers too, but the production should be not only smart, but also rationalized.

We must strive to reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance, try to avoid the risks of production downtime and try to increase the competitiveness of our products.

After choosing the right goal, you should look for tools that will allow you to achieve it in a short time and at the same time have an affordable price.

The cost of introducing advanced technologies can be reduced by switching to cloud resources, which imply eliminating the need to build your own infrastructure from scratch. Then all processes will be monitored from any device connected to the network and you won’t need to purchase and configure your own server.

Organize a systematic work with data will help a single repository based on structured data and reference information. As a result, an array of data of long-term value will be made, which will change as they become obsolete and will allow for analysis in the same plane.

The data that smart sensors collect is large and it is unlikely that a person will be able to process it. There are a number of special tools that will sort the indicators and demonstrate only those who have borderline values with the norm. All in order to predict the condition of the equipment and find out if there is a likelihood of breakdowns when replacement parts are required and so on. Such indicators as depreciation periods, room temperature, humidity and so on will be taken into account.

Just think that if such analytical systems did not exist, then people could collect and use only one hundredth of all the information that is provided by sensors, sensors and devices.

All smart projects must offer specific information security solutions. Now the market for smart devices is growing, only with the increase in the number of such devices and systems there are no qualitative changes in the field of cybersecurity. All these innovations are vulnerable to hacker attacks, almost any IoT device can be hacked. According to forecasts, in about two years there will be about 50 billion new devices of this type in the world and all of them carry certain risks for humanity.

Leaks of confidential information, various sizes of disasters - all this awaits us if the developers do not begin to think not only about the usefulness of the proposed solutions, but also about their safety.

Unfortunately, no matter how modern technologies evolve, it is expensive and time consuming to equip each device with powerful protective equipment. Often, developers do not have the extra money in order to provide their products not only with a solid marketing campaign, but also with a shield against external threats. Until this problem is solved, we, the developers of Uline.pro, decided to take matters into our own hands.

We are creating a unique platform that will not allow the distribution of confidential information of its owners and, moreover, it standardizes smart devices, allowing devices from different manufacturers to work in one bundle.

After all, this is the most important risk - production shutdown, loss of access to important information. Especially if strategic objects encounter similar problems.

Practical IoT Tips

1. It is best to invest in turnkey solutions.

They are already customized for you and you can begin to use all their advantages from the very moment of purchase. In addition, all weaknesses after some time of use will be identified, so that when you decide to optimize your business, you will know for sure what the negative aspects of such innovations can be. If you use ready-made platform solutions, then the speed of data processing, analytics and forecasts will be higher than that of Open Source.

2. Choose the right partners.

Now there are not many companies that can offer significant developments in the field of technology of the Internet of things. Usually these are partners of three levels - technological, integration and analytical. The former can help with the selection, purchase and installation of various sensors and sensors, the latter organize operational data collection in safety conditions, and the third, based on the business goals of the organizations, build analytical and forecast models. It is important to choose someone who can quickly offer the benefits of using the Internet of things technology even on a small area and with a small amount of data provided. And not just to offer, but to demonstrate. Demand to build pilot models, show examples of work in other enterprises. All in order to get a significant result in a short time.

3. Seize the moment!

There are very few projects related to IoT technology that are implemented and considered successful. Even less successful cases. Therefore, now, in the context of growing interest in this technology, one of the first to get cutting-edge technology for your organization at a ridiculous price. Developers will do everything to realize their proposal and are ready to be much inferior in cost to build experience and gain access to interesting customers in the future.

If you are not sure about this or that project, but want to equip your home, office or production with something with a “smart” prefix, wait for the Uline.pro platform to appear. We will create a unique catalog of proven, inexpensive and truly useful devices that will allow each industrialist or business owner to increase profits by increasing the efficiency of work processes.