August 12, 2019 - an ecosystem for the Internet of things

New smart devices at the lowest price, a new level of ease of use, new user experience, device-to-device interaction.


The desire to engage in the development of smart devices appeared long ago, back in those days when transformers flickered only in cartoons and a hi-tech program was broadcast on TV with new gadgets. Then there was an interest in everything high-tech, everything that could change the world.

But without experience and a team, such projects are not created, so the idea of developing any of their smart solutions remained only at the dream level.

Studying at the university, working in start-ups and outsourcing, the technology market was studied at the same time, and ways to make dreams come true were sought.

And now there are opportunities that make the market for smart devices affordable for the masses, as well as reduce the cost of such devices and make their use convenient. I am talking primarily about virtual operators and e-SIM - something that allows you to connect devices to the Internet anywhere in the world.

The idea of the project was identified from the needs of developers and buyers of IoT devices that appeared with the development of the Internet of things technology.

We have collected all the main problems associated with IoT technology that manufacturers and consumers face, namely:

  1. vulnerability of smart things - most devices are practically unprotected. Every now and then in the news flicker messages about the “holes” in the firmware of some smart iron and other household appliances endowed with intelligence. In America, there were several resonant cases when strangers watched sleeping babies through hacked baby monitors, and recently the society began to get nervous - aren't robots transmitting detailed plans of their apartments to dishonest citizens?
  2. the high cost of IoT devices and the inability to work “out of the box”. You all know about smart watches for children, various GPS-trackers for animals and other things with the prefix “smart”, which are distinguished by their high price and short life. It dawned on us that the current level of technological development allows us to reduce the cost of such devices and increase their life expectancy due to the fact that manufacturers will not need to lay a large margin for further development;
  3. difficulty in implementing projects . Any device requires a full production cycle from the idea to the development of software.
  4. lack of interoperability between IoT devices from different manufacturers . Everyone who tried to equip their lives with advanced technologies, discovered another problem of the Internet of things - the impossibility of the conjugate operation of devices from different developers and their mutual settlements when such a need arises. For example, when buying a multicooker from one manufacturer, you should not expect that it will work in one bundle with a refrigerator from another. To build a smart home, you need to make a choice in favor of one developer who will make a network of smart home appliances, and do not look at other companies;
  5. low autonomy of the work of smart things ;
  6. Difficult promotion of smart products . Each developer promotes their devices as best they can, there is no single system or any rules.
  7. Each device has its own control system .

Reflections on the problems of the Internet of things led to the formation of a team of initiative people who helped to take the right course, formulate an idea and begin to implement it. The meaning of the project idea is that now the Internet of things is in its infancy. There is no unity in this technology, it does not work as a whole, there are a lot of problems in it. Almost a year has passed from a clear idea formation to the first steps within the project, which was needed to realize in which direction it is worth moving.

We want to offer society a unique product - an ecosystem for the Internet of things. It will be a full-fledged platform with developers and smart products that can coexist if each other is present. We unify the technology for creating IoT devices, combine the products of manufacturers in one network, and make the Internet of Things safe and affordable. is a catalog with smart products, manufacturer portfolio pages, as well as a full-fledged workshop for creating services and IoT devices. Something that manufacturers of smart things never had — some guides, implementation schemes — they all will find within the framework of the platform.

Below we will describe how exactly this will work and what it will take.


To explain exactly what will be useful for, we launch the production of our own smart things that will demonstrate the convenience and durability of IoT devices. For example, in the images below, you can familiarize yourself with them (the cost is approximate and it will most likely be lower). And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have assembled a group of engineers who designed a lot of useful things, proposed what will make our products more advanced than competitors' offers, durable and convenient.

Now regarding our main product. This is the ecosystem, which will make it possible to unite different manufacturers of smart products on one platform, where multiple devices will be compatible with each other and will cost less than anywhere else. At the same time, developers of smart things will earn on subscriptions in the same way as software and game manufacturers in the AppStore and GooglePlay now earn.

The main screen of the mobile application. It is under development.

Promising and ambitious developers will get a chance to create their devices and services at a lower cost (by reducing the cost of software development and marketing) and enter the market without any problems. The security of each IoT device presented within the framework of the platform will be worked by specialists in the field of cybersecurity.

Remember how before developers of mobile applications offered their products without having any standard scheme for implementing such solutions? After the advent of iOS and Android, it became much easier for everyone. A similar situation awaits the Internet of things. is a solution for the convenience of users and manufacturers.


We plan to start selling the first products based on by the beginning of 2019. At this point, it is planned to organize the production of at least one device, but we hope that there will be more of them. In the meantime, the market is analyzed in search of points of contact with potential customers and developers of Bi.

The first production device - keychain-powerbank-GPS-tracker

The main goal at the moment is the launch of a crowdfunding project for the first developed device (Mini-Powerbank + GPS tracker) and access to ICO in order to raise additional funds for launching a large-scale IoT project.

If we raise enough money, then the production of large batches of IoT devices will be in Belarus, if not, you will have to use the services of Asian factories and factories, as you understand the production is not cheap at all.

Economic benefit will bring benefits to both manufacturers and consumers of smart products.

The consumer will receive:

  1. minimum price for IoT devices;
  2. a significant increase in the service life of the device. Remember, gadgets used to work for decades? These times will be back soon!
  3. the operation of devices “out of the box”;
  4. fundamentally new types of devices that offer innovative technological solutions to society;
  5. common interface for interaction with all smart devices;
  6. the paired operation of smart devices;
  7. trouble-free operation of smart products anywhere in the world where there is a GSM connection
  8. many device manufacturers will be represented on the same site.

Consumers will receive a full-fledged store with a catalog, parameters and prices, which will solve a number of domestic issues, equip their home, office or production with the latest technology. Many devices will be sold by subscription, which will nullify the need for large investments. The devices offered on will have one of the lowest prices on the market, because we, the developers, will not have to lay a huge depreciation - the necessary amount will be gained from the monthly fee when using the purchased devices. As a result, buyers will receive a minimum price for smart devices that will have a maximum service life, as well as ease of connection and use.

The manufacturer will receive:

  1. quick launch of new devices into production;
  2. the opportunity to save on supporting software updates - on basic devices, specialists can take it upon themselves;
  3. the ability to sell devices through a special application;
  4. infrastructure for creating services based on IoT technologies;
  5. the ability to connect devices around the world to internal GSM networks, as will act as a virtual operator.

The sale of any device will increase the sales of the subsequent one, and the ability to create new services based on the platform provides almost unlimited opportunities for the IOT market.

According to our estimates, we will reduce production costs by more than 50%, as well as the time to launch them!


At this moment, the project is being developed exclusively at the expense of our digital agency, but it is unlikely to launch the project at full strength without additional investments.

Therefore, we are currently working on:

  1. Crowdfunding . The final product we have is a device, and we believe that it is absolutely necessary to use this method of attracting investments.
  2. ICO launch . The IOTA blockchain will be used in the work, and our own cryptocurrency will significantly improve our ecosystem.
  3. Attracting investments from business angels, investors, investment funds, crypto funds.

We will use all possible ways to attract investment in the project, as the production of high-tech devices is a very expensive pleasure and it will not be easy for us to implement the project on our own.


The team is still small, but the backbone that has already been formed is exclusively professionals in their field with extensive experience in various fields. These are specialists with 10+ years of experience working on complex projects, including startups. People who believe in the project believe that will help change the world for the better, make the Internet of things more accessible and convenient. Now our team is growing fast enough, replenishing its ranks with new specialists in their field.

Monetization will be monetized in the following ways:

  1. Sale of devices developed by the team.
  2. The subscription fee or subscription that users of smart devices will pay.
  3. will act as an analogue of the mobile operator, providing smart devices with access to the network.
  4. Percentage of transactions of partner companies that develop smart devices. The ecosystem itself is based on the IOTA blockchain.
  5. Commission from microtransactions with the internal currency ULI.
  6. Percentage of microtransactions between connected devices.
  7. Development of new IoT devices to order.


Now we are just beginning to search for our audience, but we have big plans that we will implement gradually.

The first and very important for us is a test of our idea, that is, access to crowdfunding. It will let you know for sure whether people are willing to pay for smart devices. Crowdfunding will give us the necessary impetus in development and will allow us to launch the production of new generation IoT devices.

If we talk about more global plans, then we plan to sell 1 billion smart devices through the ecosystem by 2027. And we believe that this is still a pessimistic forecast and there may be an order of magnitude more data for these devices! After all, we not only develop smart technology, but also provide an opportunity for companies to stay with us, create new smart things and services that can interact with each other. Thanks to, manufacturers will be able to focus on the design, functionality and usability of devices, making money on a subscription. This is a completely different view of the Internet of things market.

We would be grateful for constructive criticism! ;)

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