August 12, 2019 - just manage

New smart devices at the lowest price, a new level of user comfort, a new user experience, device-to-device interaction

How it all began

The desire to engage in the development of smart devices appeared long ago, back in those days when transformers flickered only in cartoons and a hi-tech program was broadcast on TV with new gadgets. Then there was an interest in everything high-tech, everything that could change the world.

But without experience and a team, such projects are not created, so the idea of developing any of their smart solutions remained only at the dream level.

Studying at the university, working in start-ups and outsourcing, the technology market was studied at the same time, and ways to make dreams come true were sought.

Technological breakthrough

For a successful launch, you always need to track the emergence of new technologies - this is what simplifies our life and presents new opportunities, and now it has happened, namely, the appearance of virtual mobile operators and the e-31M - that allows you to connect devices to the Internet anywhere of the world.

The project idea was identified from the needs of developers and buyers of 1oT devices that appeared with the development of the Internet of things technology.,

Market problems

We have collected all the main problems associated with 1oT technology that manufacturers and consumers face, namely:

  1. Vulnerability of smart things - most devices are practically unprotected. Every now and then in the news flicker messages about the “holes” in the firmware of some smart iron and other household appliances endowed with intelligence. In America, there were several resonant cases when strangers watched sleeping babies through cracked video babysitters, and recently the society began to get nervous - aren't robots transmitting detailed plans for their apartments to dishonest citizens? "
  2. The high cost of 1oT devices and the lack of the ability to work “out of the box”. You all know about smart watches for children, various (ZRZ-trackers for animals and other things with the prefix “smart”, which are distinguished by their high price and short life. It dawned on us that the current level of technological development can reduce the cost of such devices and increase their life expectancy due to the fact that manufacturers will not need to lay a large margin for further development;
  3. Difficulty in the implementation of projects. Any device requires a full production cycle from the idea to the development of software.
  4. The lack of interoperability of 1oT devices from different manufacturers.

Everyone who tried to equip their lives with advanced technologies, discovered another problem of the Internet of things - the impossibility of the conjugate operation of devices from different developers and their mutual settlements when such a need arises. For example, when buying a multicooker from one manufacturer, you should not expect that it will work in one bundle with a refrigerator from another. To build a smart home, you need to make a choice in favor of one developer who will make a network of smart home appliances, and do not look at other companies;

  1. Low autonomy of smart things - insufficient device optimization
  2. The difficult promotion of smart products - each developer promotes their devices as best they can, there is no single system or any rules
  3. Each device has its own control system - you have 20 small devices and 20 control systems and we want to say NO to this!


We want to offer a unique product - an ecosystem for the Internet of things. It will be a full-fledged platform with developers and smart products that can coexist if each other is present. We unify the technology of creating 1oT devices, combine the products of manufacturers in one network, and make the Internet of Things safe and affordable. is a catalog with smart products, manufacturer portfolio pages, as well as a full-fledged workshop for creating services and 1oT devices. Something that manufacturers of smart things never had - some devices, implementation schemes - they all will find in the framework of the platform

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