January 29, 2019

Smart speakers are more important for corporations than smartphones

Could you suggest that the time of smartphones may come to an end?

Meanwhile, there are some prerequisites for this - many large companies are channeling their financial capabilities to a new field of action. Technological giants are actively working on voice-activated smart speakers. In this article we will talk about the prospects of this segment and its features.

New technology standard for society

Smartphones accepted and fell in love, but the market is waiting for the emergence of innovations that could carry the life of an ordinary person to a radically new level.

The first smart speaker and sales hit 2014 was considered Amazon Echo. It became the impetus for the development of this technology - thanks to it, modern smart speakers can give exhaustive answers to the questions asked, set alarms, give commands to other devices in the house, shop online and, do not be surprised, play music.

This is not just some kind of sound source that can give out a dozen commands and thus be considered smart. Now it is a kind of control center for the entire ecosystem of smart homes.

Smart speakers are becoming accessible to ordinary users with average incomes, and their level of functionality is growing. Moreover, the last year was especially successful for such devices.

For example, last year about 30 million such devices were sold, and this figure was achieved almost from the first months of winter.

Not without competitors - Amazon still breathes in the back of Google. At one time, due to the appearance of its collection of devices for the home, Amazon had to almost halve the price of its devices, which, according to experts, makes the company work almost at a loss. But this provoked the emergence of a new wave of customers and made it possible for techno-lovers to equip their homes with speakers from several manufacturers at once.

Analysts predict such prospects: smart speakers will continue to move into the category of consumer goods, and this year's sales will approach 80 million units.

Unlike other gadgets, smart speakers begin to use on an ongoing basis, and not throw them after a couple of months of use. They also demonstrate a good level of habituation - almost 90% of users cannot abandon smart speakers after even a short test period.

And what about Apple and Microsoft?

Apple and Microsoft did not catch the revolution of home voice assistants - their products were offered a little later.

Apple has a HomePod, but this is not exactly what the aforementioned competitors offer. This is first of all a good music player with the ability to connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Microsoft is also not ready to showcase its product. The company has an agreement to release a smart speaker in partnership with Samsung, so it only remains to wait.

Let's go back to Apple. The company does not have a sufficient base to improve interaction with users, for example, when using Siri on an iPhone, funny situations often happen - an assistant does not always understand human speech, but only tells what has been found on this issue on the Internet.

In addition, Apple products are very expensive, and in terms of functionality they are often inferior to their more mundane competitors. Although do not underestimate the "apple" fans - they sweep from the shelves of branded stores almost everything that has a coveted logo.

Smart speakers as guides to the world of the Internet of things

Smart home technology is a new and very profitable market. Moreover, the developers of such devices are not only interested in earnings from the sale of devices. Interest in such a technique will simplify, improve and cheapen the life of every inhabitant of our planet.

Voice control is a new paradigm, something that can replace smartphones, which, in turn, were once able to extinguish interest in desktop computers.

Voice is not only the control of a PC or smartphone, it is an influence on the whole surrounding space.

And the technology has not yet exhausted itself - continuous improvements are needed, processing huge amounts of data and storming new heights. It is believed that companies that did not enter this game at one time will now be left behind forever.

Now the stake will be on voice-activated gadgets, the market will be strengthened and in a few decades the rare house will not be considered smart.

Representatives of Yandex, who, without further ado, at the May conference of Yet Another Conference 2018, presented their first “iron” product - a clever “Yandex Station” column - learned this for themselves. The developers have relied on sound, hearing and video. Assist device Alice. You can switch channels on your TV, search for your favorite movies, choose music and more. There are various versions of the device - for example, aluminum or fabric.

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