7 reasons why you should invest in Uline.pro now

We create smart devices and an ecosystem for Internet of things (we provide the opportunity for other companies to place their devices with us with a single control center).

Investing in Uline.pro is practically safe for the following reasons:

  1. We create smart devices that themselves are the final product and the success of even one of our products ensures a return on investment! Now our team is developing a single board for five devices at once. The first device is already available on pre-order!
  2. We act as a virtual mobile operator that works in 200+ countries, almost everywhere.
  3. The devices developed by us are 2-3 times cheaper than our competitors. For example, our smart keychain sells for $ 40 with delivery, and similar projects sell for $ 100-150
  4. Similar devices raised more than $ 1M on crowdfunding. Here is an example .
  5. We are not just making devices, but also developing an ecosystem for the Internet of things. What does it mean? This means that it will be possible to manage devices from different manufacturers in one application, and the devices will be able to interact with each other.
  6. “Chinese manufacturers will copy your devices” - we ourselves will provide them with our best practices. We will only be glad that we are being copied and will help! And while we do not just let them copy our devices, we will pay them.
  7. We significantly reduce the cost of running any other smart device. Our ecosystem allows us not to think about marketing, support, implementation logic, servers, etc.
  8. We are developing devices that are currently head and shoulders above competitors, how long this will last, but now our devices: + Work up to 9 months without recharging + Work in 200+ countries + Work immediately when the box is opened. No need to go and connect.

What has been done now? (august 2019)

  1. We have almost completed the site with multilingualism and the possibility of pre-order, which will significantly reduce the cost of supporting the project
  2. Developed by ICO. At the moment, it is not relevant due to the fact that the market is in decline and the requirements for conducting are very complicated. To conduct an ICO in Belarus, a statutory fund of more than $ 1,000,000 is required
  3. A preliminary agreement was signed to connect the first partner - a service for a smart city (storage of video content by subscription)

What are investments needed for?

  1. Development of a mobile application for IOS / Android for connecting the first partner
  2. Implementation of a marketing strategy
  3. Board development (unified board for first devices)

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