August 20, 2019

Why are we raising funds for development in this way?

Fundraising, investing in

Now the most important stage for the development of our project. We need to attract the most important funds for the development of the company. In the future, we all who transfer funds for development will receive a share in the authorized capital of the company

Why do we offer entry from $ 3,000?

There are a few simple explanations for this:

  1. Putting a smaller amount does not make any sense, because company development requires significantly greater resources
  2. It is important for us to show the growth and development of the company and our projects so that in the future we can develop much faster.
  3. Now we are working on creating a unified platform for several devices at once and with the hope of releasing a large number of devices

What do partners get?

We wrote about this, but it will not be superfluous to repeat:

  1. Entry into the founders of the company. The company is open in the Republic of Belarus.
  2. Connect to general chat
  3. Reporting Online by Reporting Period

Important Do not transfer the last funds to the development of the company