August 21, 2019

TOP 7 technology professions

Technological future

The age of robots has already come! It's time to start being afraid that some kind of smart machine might take your working time! Tremble if your occupation is related to manual labor - now it is gradually being replaced by robotics. In the long run, professions that can be useful in maintaining or creating various high-tech tools will be valuable.

Experiencing that you will remain out of work? Now think about changing your specialty! Let's see the current trends. Catch information so you don’t be left out!

Robot Engineer

Engineers are lucky - in the future they will continue to be in demand. It is believed that in a few years the creation and maintenance of robotics will be one of the most promising areas in engineering. The specialty “Robotic Engineer” will involve several branches - for example, there will be the creators of home, industrial, medical and entertainment robots.

To become a professional in his field, a future robotics engineer will have to understand not only programming, but also physics, mechanics, electrical engineering, automated systems and much more.

For example, now in developed countries the number of home robots doubles every year. It is expected that in a couple of years robots will become not only commonplace, but also a necessity. The industry is nearly 100% automated. Dangerous professions will disappear - robots will work instead of people. There will be no miners, submariners, and high-altitude builders — society will no longer risk human lives. A lot of work is planned in the field of combat robotics.

A separate and no less promising industry will be the creation of neural interfaces that will allow you to control robotics through the power of thought.

The basics of robotics are already taught in Russian universities and not only. In the future, such programs will appear on educational sites on the Internet - they will be available on Coursera and Stepik in a couple of months.

Virtual reality architect

The IT industry does not stop developing. In the foreseeable future, there will be specialists in artificial intelligence, developers of information systems and interfaces. In the digital age, there will be many professionals who will teach computers how to program themselves and at the same time create socially significant applications.

Architects of reality will have solid knowledge in many IT areas. If now virtual reality exists more for entertainment, then in the future it will work for the benefit of man. In the digital worlds it will be possible to study, work, be treated and much more.

Smart Environment Designer

Cities are becoming smart: ultramodern systems of security, traffic control and other things that have already become necessary appear.

For example, in New York, a system has been operating for a long time that recognizes the sounds of shots and can indicate where they fired and even hint who it was. There is also a system that can predict the possibility of fire in buildings and structures.

In Moscow, special zones with smart traffic lights have been created, which allow avoiding large-scale traffic jams and regulating the traffic load.

Garbage containers from Barcelona are able to notify when they are full.

Such technologies make life in big cities simply amazing - with the help of all these smart devices you can feel safe and feel harmony with the outside world. For this, designers of smart environments are needed - they will create various smart solutions for citizens.

This profession will require considerable competence in the fields of IT, IoT and Hardware. Chemistry and knowledge of nanotechnology will come in handy. And you also need to have systemic thinking, to have some idea of sociology and urbanism. A lot of knowledge will be required, so the designer of a smart environment will be not only interesting, but also one of the most difficult specialties of the future.

As you can see, without the Internet of things in the future, nowhere! That is why we are working on a project that can optimize it - on

This is a platform that will open all doors to smart device developers. People of all professions will be able to simplify their lives and thereby get additional hours that can be spent on work that is useful for society.

Preventive Medicine Specialist

People will not stop getting sick, but definitely ailments will be found less and less, thanks to the development of preventive medicine. It will prevent the occurrence of the disease and will allow you to focus on preventing the onset of the disease, which, incidentally, will be cheaper than treating its consequences.

For example, if a person has a predisposition to otitis media, then all measures will be designed to provide protection to the hearing organs.

Just imagine, in 20 years, medicine will reach a radically new level: what was considered incurable, will be defeated, the mechanism of mental disorders will be understood, and super-sensitive prostheses will be created that will allow you to feel the surface roughness, heat or cold by touching a fake hand.

Most diseases will be detected and stopped long before the onset of alarming symptoms. Smart gadgets are improving - smart watches and bracelets will guard the welfare of its owner. They will identify the possibility of a particular illness and send data to the attending physician.

A significant increase in the number of medical gadgets is planned. The growth of this market in the next five years will rise from two to forty billion dollars.

Moreover, their number will increase sharply at that moment, as soon as the platform is launched, which will make the use of smart devices more accessible for conservatives who have flooded our clinics.

To become a successful specialist in preventive medicine, you will have to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge in medicine and IT, understand sociology and be diligent - you will have to work with impressive databases, analyze them and extract the most important ones from there.

Financial Technology Specialist

Financial technology is considered almost the fastest growing industry at a given time. Billions of dollars are invested in it, and experts identify five areas that will develop at an astronomical pace - payment systems and transfers, credit systems, money management, insurance and the currency market. All these branches will need competent specialists.

To be in demand in this field, you will have to be able to assess financial risks, apply artificial intelligence to manage large amounts of money, develop pension and preferential programs, and so on.

There is an opinion that accountants, operations officers and even traders will be forgotten over time - these people will be replaced by robots that can work with numbers more accurately and quickly.

Online educator

Engineers, doctors and teachers - the road to the future! You need to be able to be a mentor, teach simple and not-so-truths, especially in the context of creating a full-fledged artificial intelligence. But who will entrust a machine to educate the most valuable - children?

Therefore, with the development of technology, something remains unchanged - the need for proactive educators.

There are only a few excellent teachers; there isn’t enough for all of them. Therefore, in order to increase the number of students and reduce the number of teachers, the entire educational system will sooner or later be transferred online. Most of the knowledge and skills people will receive on the Internet - it will be possible to study subjects on their own using specially designed programs or under the strict supervision of an experienced teacher.

All communication will take place via video and using interactive tools. Studying will become even more lively than in the usual classroom.

For younger schoolchildren, training in the form of a game will be applied. Virtual reality will be modeled as colorful as possible, all new formulas and concepts will be visualized. Children will be able to see everything with their own eyes and better absorb information.

Textbooks - the last century! In virtual reality, you can almost pull the tail of a dinosaur or personally clarify with Van Gogh the reason for cutting off the ear.

To become an excellent online educator, you need comprehensive knowledge in a particular subject, charm, well-delivered speech and, of course, some IT skills.

All professions are important! Have you thought about realizing a noble dream from childhood and creating something useful for society? Invent a device of high social value?

If you have blueprints and don’t know how to implement them, the team will help you! We make the Internet of things simple, affordable and cheap!

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